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After completing JavaScript in my Udemy course, I made it back to FreeCodeCamp. Keeping  my brain in JavaScript mode is important. The Udemy course left me confused and curious. I have learned about loops, if else statements, switch statements, and objects the past few weeks. Understanding each concept has been more difficult. This morning I switched up and visited the watchandcode.com website. I last stopped at the objects section. The first video tutorial made understanding objects clear. I forgot to use more than one resource. My plan for the following weeks is to continue with Skillcrush and FreeCodeCamp. I will include watchandcode.com and Codeacademy for backup.
I would like to work on a simple JavaScript project. I made a reaction timer for the Udemy course. I also have a few simple games made with JavaScript. I may push them to GitHub.
In my next post, I will detail exactly what I have learned so far about JavaScript objects. Until then, check out my process on Twitter.

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