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I have worked on a jQuery Playground app. So far my app consists of six buttons. I wrote my first full jQuery statement. I targeted HTML elements with selectors using jQuery. jQuery statements begin with a dollar sign “$”. The dollar sign is referred as the dollar sign operator or bling.
My assignment was to make the six buttons bounce on the app screen. To do this my only job was to add the code below to my document ready function.
$(“button”).addClass(“animated bounce”);
I figured I could stick the new code in the button or div class. Of course, my idea did not work. I couldn’t figure out why until I looked at the code I wrote in the previous lesson. My code comment states to only change the code above the script tag. I learned another valuable lesson. REVIEW MY CODE.
Animated Bounce
Still, so far I have not been stuck for days like my earlier coding boot camp. I code a little each day. I stop to understand what I have learned. I find out why each piece of code is on each line. I take notes using the  Evernote app. I take my notes and use them as my journal for this blog. I am a planner. Sticky notes and notebooks used to cover my desk. Evernote organized my life. I make a new notebook for each new subject. Organization helps me learn to code. There are so many areas of development I am learning. I am learning more than one programming language. I use more than one method of learning. The separate Evernote notebooks allow me to find helpful tips and information when needed. My method works for me. Do you have any organization tips that make your day easier? 

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