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This past week has been busy. I completed the jQuery lesson and moved on to the basic front end development section of freeCodeCamp.com. The first project was to make a tribute page.
The tribute could be to anyone or anything. The page needed to have an image, text and a link to an external website. I made a tribute page to Victor Newman. Victor is a character on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. As a child, I could not watch cartoons until my great-grandmother watched her “stories”. It was a must for her to stay updated on Victor’s activities. The page is okay. It met the requirements of the assignment. When I have free time, I want to go back and make the page look as I imagined it in my mind. I had no idea it would take so long to make a site. I made a few sites last year, but I used a template. This project was my first hand coded site. I did not use a template or copy anyone else’s code or design. I am proud of myself, but still feel I could have done better.
The second project was my personal portfolio site. This was a tough one. I could not decide what projects to add to my portfolio. I do not have projects I am proud of. I have projects on GitHub that were assignments only. After I complete my freeCodeCamp coursework I will begin working on projects that are special to me. My coursework is number one now. This work will allow me to increase my coding skill level. I am still not finished with the portfolio. The basic information is there, but I need to make sure my external links work. I also do not like how the project section looks. I included two projects from Codepen. The projects are organized vertically. I would prefer horizontal alignment. I tried to re-align them, but my code did not work. Right now I am waiting for feedback. One of my fellow campers will suggest changes that will make the portfolio site better.
The 100 Days of Code challenge has been tougher. Those first few weeks were a simple. Now I find myself reading more than I code. When a line of code does not work, I have to find the solution. StackOverflow, Google, w3schools.com and the freeCodeCamp forum are always helpful. Next week I will complete my portfolio site and begin basic JavaScript.

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