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My jQuery Spelling Lesson

The past few days of my 100 Days of Coding challenge have been productive. I completed the Responsive Design with Bootstrap section and began working on jQuery.

This week’s #100DaysofCoding Challenge:

  • Labeled Bootstrap wells with an ID
  • Gave each element a unique ID
  • Labeled Bootstrap buttons
  • Gave each button element text that corresponded to its ID’s selector
  • Used comments to clarify code
  • Learned how script tags and Document Ready work
  • Learned script elements and functions.

jQuery is a JavaScript library. I am not sure why Freecodecamp.com teaches jQuery before the JavaScript lesson. I trust it will make sense later. I learned a little jQuery last year, but not enough to even understand the basics.

I have only completed one lesson of jQuery. It was not difficult but took longer than it should have. Like in life, while coding, words mean things. The correct spelling is essential. The computer only understands what a coder tells it. I added my script elements to my code. Everything looked good. I added my function to the code but it did not work. I looked over every word and symbol. I looked at the same line of code for 15 minutes. I tried to find my errors before looking for help. In time, I will be able to look at a line of code and immediately see any error. Unfortunately, I am not there yet. I did my usual research and tried to find out why my code was not right. This took another half hour. I spelled the word function wrong. I forgot the letter C. One small spelling error can waste valuable time. READ YOUR CODE CAREFULLY!

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” – Paula Scher

Other than a small spelling error I am still enjoying coding. I have done some sort of coding each day except Friday. It has been a long week, I did not feel well and was tired. I felt guilty about Friday but got up after 1 a.m Saturday and began coding again.

Are you doing the 100 Days of Code challenge? Have you run into any issues? You can check out my daily updates on Twitter.

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