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I have coded more since my last post. I completed the JavaScript section of my Udemy course. Learning JavaScript is challenging but I understand a few concepts a little better. I completed my JavaScript project and pushed it to GitHub . It took two weeks to complete my reaction timer. I coded as much as I could on my own. I followed along with the course video to clean up my code.

My plan was to add FreeCodeCamp lessons back to my routine after completing JavaScript. I have not yet but is still on my goal list. I moved to jQuery. I started the course but I am learning information I did not learn from FreeCodeCamp. I do not have any thoughts on this section of the course so far. Using various resources is helpful for me.

I also returned to Skillcrush to complete the WordPress BluePrint. I have not had any serious issues so far. I understand WordPress basics. Most of what I have learned has been a review. This week I worked on making changes using PHP instead of admin. I will also learn WordPress and PHP with the Udemy course.

My goal is still to add the FreeCodeCamp lessons back to my resources. I will continue with the jQuery section of the Udemy course and move to Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQL, and finally API’s. I will also work on WordPress. Until next time…

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