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I have tried to get the hang of JavaScript. I am still working on the basics. I understand arrays, but functions and objects have been a little more tricky.


An array is a variable used to store several values.
An array is a list of items.

JavaScript Arrays




A function is a code block dedicated to performing a task.

JavaScript Functions





Objects are variables that can contain other variables. They group related data and functions together.

JavaScript Objects




The concepts seem simple but there is so much more to understanding JavaScript. I have worked on FreeCodeCamp.com and WatchandCode.com. Incorrect formatting takes up the majority of my coding time. Lots of time is spent trying to figure out what goes where. A missing comma or colon happens also. The same way arrays started to make sense, the rest will too. 
I am still working through the WordPress course also. I started the third of four sections. The third section deals with installing and updated an existing WordPress site for clients. Today I cloned the client site to my desktop. I have not started making updates yet. By the end of the week I should have a child theme and custom queries completed. 
My goal for this week is to spend at least an hour or more daily on JavaScript and one hour on WordPress. I haven’t tweeted as much about my progress since I stopped #100DaysofCode. I am hopeful my schedule will slow down and I will be able to commit more time to coding. Until next time.

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