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I am still on my coding journey. I missed two days during the past two weeks. The days I did not code were only because I was tired. Those days I read and watched tutorials. I am still working on my FreeCodeCamp lessons. This is what I have learned since the last post:
  • Converted Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Declared string variables
  • Escape literal quoted in strings
  • Quoted strings with single quotes
  • Escape sequences in strings
  • Concatenated strings with plus operator
  • Concatenated strings with the plus equals operator
  • Constructing strings with variables
  • Appended variables to strings
  • Found the length of a string
  • Used bracket notation to find the first character in a string
  • String immutability
  • Used bracket notation to find the Nth character in a string
  • Used bracket notation to the find the last character in a string
I learned a great deal. I have tons of notes and looked for YouTube videos to help understand each concept. These are some of the YouTube channels I have found helpful:
          I used this channel to make a simple image using CSS.
          I watched the JavaScript Fundamentals course several times.
          I watch this channel for the coding tips and tutorials.
          I enjoyed the Git & GitHub playlist. Git and Github are explained simply.
          Kalina is a cute and bubbly web developer. She provides development tips and info about her development journey.
          I listened to the JavaScript and jQuery Tutorial (for Beginners) playlist while working my 9-5 last week.
          I watch this channel for FreeCodeCamp tutorials
This has been my favorite channel so far. I recently started using Git and Github on a regular basis. For some reason, Git and Github were hard for me to understand. These tutorials give step by step instructions. It also explains how to fix mistakes, read and understand error messages. That was the part I needed to understand Git. I can make a repository, add files and make updates. I have not worked with anyone on Github so I have yet to do real merges or pulls. I will work on that part next week. I watch other YouTube channels, but the ones listed above were helpful this past week.
Participation in the Chingu Cohort is going well. The people are helpful and friendly. Members have shared tons of helpful resources and tips. My pair programming partners and I wanted to build a Twitch.tv JSON API. None of us have strong JavaScript skills so we decided to clone the paperbot.ai site. We all are busy so we get together from 9p-11p a few times during the week. The Cohort has introduced me to Slack, Trello, and Screenhero. I am still trying to figure out Trello.
I am still learning daily. This week I found watchandcode.com. The Practical JavaScript course is a perfect addition to FreeCodeCamp.com. I have completed 20% of the course and have learned how to make a to-do list, functions and coding from the console. My goal going forward is to learn during the week and build on the weekends. I have plenty resources to help with the educational part. I also have a few projects I can improve on the weekend. My portfolio needs work. I made a simple calculator that does not work yet and my clone site project only has a nav, a little text, and an image. I will keep working and improving. Check back for updates.

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