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Since my last post, I have continued learning JavaScript and WordPress. WordPress has been the easier of the two. This blog is a WordPress site so the first lesson was a breeze. I added a new WordPress installation for the course. I made most of the changes to the site using my Atom text editor. I do not do this on my WordPress site. I will work on making a local copy in the next section of the course. I made only a few changes to the site. I am thinking about using the site for WordPress clients later.

I completed the Intro to WordPress section. I also started the Git, GitHub, and Command Line section of the course. So far I have reviewed how to set up Git, navigation and terminal customization. I already use my terminal for small tasks so I changed the text and background colors.

This week I found out about Hacktoberfest. The Hacktoberfest website explains it as a month-long celebration of open source software in partnership with GitHub. Participants earn a cool t-shirt for making four pull requests. That’s it! The rules sounded easy, but I had never performed a pull request. Before this week, I could make a repository and push files to GitHub. That was all. I tried last year to make a pull request. I ran into error after error and quit. Thursday night I decided to give it a try again.

I tweeted about Hacktoberfest so I had to take part. I found the perfect instructions on Digital Ocean’s website. I searched Github for simple projects that needed typos fixed or names added to lists. I used the instructions from Digital Ocean and performed four pull requests in about an hour. I can now say I have contributed to the open source community. You can check out my pull requests on GitHub.

Making pull requests was a major accomplishment for me. I struggled with programming, Git, and Github last year. I celebrate each small accomplishment this time around. Check out my progress on Twitter.

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