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Before I begin with my coding challenges, I first need to explain how I got here. About seven years ago I wanted to blog. I knew nothing about blogging. I purchased my first computer only a few years before. I only used the Internet for surfing the web and work. I contacted a web designer I found on Twitter to build a basic WordPress site for me. The designer explained a little about design and development. I was curious and interested, but I did not think I could actually do what she did.

I signed up for an online coding boot camp last year. The boot camp was great, but just not for me. I completed the boot camp understanding the very minimum basics of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Ruby. I did not understand enough about development to get a job using the skills I learned. I was disappointed when I received my certificate of completion. For months, I did not want to see anything related to development.

I got over the disappointment in myself and decided to try again. I hit the restart button on my journey to become a developer. I am using FreeCodeCamp.com and Codecademy.com. Both sites are free and allow students to learn in their own time. I watch YouTube tutorials, utilize Stackoverflow, and follow individuals on social media that are experts. I also follow code newbies that understand.

I am currently working on the 100 Days of Code Challenge. I am learning a lot most days and wanting to throw my computer out the window the other days. I code at least 30 minutes daily. Practice makes perfect.

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