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This was an easy week. I did not work on my FreeCodeCamp course but will fit in a few lessons this week. I continued with the Udemy course. I finished the HTML section and moved to CSS. The last section of the CSS lesson is to produce a cloned BBC News website. I began today and have made a little progress. It takes awhile for me to produce a hand coded site but I am hoping to complete it by the end of the week. I pushed the project to GitHub.

After the BBC News project is complete I will dive into the JavaScript section. As a visual learner, seeing the instructor code and use Google when he is stuck, is helpful for me. I watch for a while and try not to copy the instructor’s code. I stop the video and find the answers myself.

On days I could not code for at least an hour I used the SoloLearn app on my iPad. There are courses for a variety of programming languages and frameworks. I use the HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript apps.

I am still on my #100DaysofCode journey. Check my daily progress on Twitter.

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