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For the past few days, I have continued learning responsive design with Bootstrap. I am still loving Freecodecamp.com. Coding has become addictive. I stopped coding for months after completing the web development boot camp last year. I was lost and frustrated. My attitude towards coding has changed completely. My original goal of coding at least 30 minutes daily has morphed into coding for hours until bedtime.

Learned from this week’s #100DaysofCoding Challenge:

  • Style Text Inputs as Form Controls
    Used Awesome Font Icon
  • Line up Form Elements Responsively with Bootstrap
    Made div elements with class rows.
  • Create Bootstrap Wells
    Made class well to create depth for columns
  • Apply the Default Bootstrap Button Style
    Used button classes (btn-default)
  • Create a Class to Target with jQuery Selectors
    Created a class just for choosing elements easier using jQuery
  • Add ID Attributes to Bootstrap Elements
    Learned each id attribute is used for a distinct element and can be used on my page one time only.

After reading the directions for each challenge, I was worried. The code looked complicated. I read each section carefully. I read some sections several times to be sure I understood. I used my Evernote app to take notes on EVERYTHING. I completed a smooth 80% of the work without checking Google or StackOverflow. This week made me realize I should work on my code confidence. I am always amazed when I check my answers and my code works. Moving forward I will expect perfection instead of errors and headaches.

Before learning to code I did not know any developers personally. Social media is a great asset for me. It allows me to interact with others on the same coding journey and web professionals. For the most part, people are helpful. I am always provided with daily tips and motivation.

What projects are you working on? Please feel free to leave tips, comments, or just say hi.

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