JavaScript if/else Statements

I am still learning JavaScript. Last month I received a Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship. The course starts with the basics and HTML and CSS then ends with JavaScript. There is a ton of support from other students on the course Slack group and forum. I started the JavaScript lessons last week. I am workingContinue Reading “JavaScript if/else Statements”


JavaScript Variables

My main goal for the new year is to master JavaScript. I am in the middle of the FreeCodeCamp course and decided to start over with basic JavaScript. I was more concerned with completing each challenge than grasping each concept. Going forward I have to slow down, take and review my notes daily. This weekendContinue Reading “JavaScript Variables”


JavaScript Arrays, Functions & Objects

I have tried to get the hang of JavaScript. I am still working on the basics. I understand arrays, but functions and objects have been a little more tricky.   Arrays An array is a variable used to store several values. An array is a list of items.       Functions A function isContinue Reading “JavaScript Arrays, Functions & Objects”

JavaScript Resouces

Still Learning JavaScript

After completing JavaScript in my Udemy course, I made it back to FreeCodeCamp. Keeping  my brain in JavaScript mode is important. The Udemy course left me confused and curious. I have learned about loops, if else statements, switch statements, and objects the past few weeks. Understanding each concept has been more difficult. This morning I switchedContinue Reading “Still Learning JavaScript”


JavaScript & WordPress

I have coded more since my last post. I completed the JavaScript section of my Udemy course. Learning JavaScript is challenging but I understand a few concepts a little better. I completed my JavaScript project and pushed it to GitHub . It took two weeks to complete my reaction timer. I coded as much as IContinue Reading “JavaScript & WordPress”