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I am continuing with my 100 Days of Code Journey. I am committed to coding daily. My original idea was to code at least 30 minutes daily. One half hour turned into several hours. Freecodecamp.com and Codecademy.com work best for me. Each section allows me time to read, understand, and many times research each step.

For the past few days, I have been using responsive web design with Bootstrap on the Freecodecamp website. I am making a simple Cat Photo App. Today I learned how to add responsively styled checkboxes to the app. I Nested my checkboxes in a div class that allows the boxes to be placed evenly across the screen no matter the size.

This lesson was simple. I use Evernote to keep notes on each lesson.

My code:

responsively styled checkboxes

Please feel free to leave comments or tips.Thanks

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