JavaScript & WordPress

I have coded more since my last post. I completed the JavaScript section of my Udemy course. Learning JavaScript is challenging but I understand a few concepts a little better. I completed my JavaScript project and pushed it to GitHub . It took two weeks to complete my reaction timer. I coded as much as I… Read More JavaScript & WordPress


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This month has been busy. I have not coded as many hours as I wanted. I have read articles and used the SoloLearn app when I am not able to code for at least an hour. Since my last post, I completed the BBC News clone site project. Here is the site:   I pushed… Read More Back to JavaScript

Learning to Code

Continuing #100DaysofCode

This was an easy week. I did not work on my FreeCodeCamp course but will fit in a few lessons this week. I continued with the Udemy course. I finished the HTML section and moved to CSS. The last section of the CSS lesson is to produce a cloned BBC News website. I began today and… Read More Continuing #100DaysofCode


Added a New Course to my Resources

I have not been coding for at least one hour the past few weeks. My schedule has cleared up and I am back on track. Since my last post, I have made a few steps forward with JavaScript. I realized I needed to slow down to make sure I understand each lesson.   Lessons:  … Read More Added a New Course to my Resources

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JavaScript and YouTube

I am still on my coding journey. I missed two days during the past two weeks. The days I did not code were only because I was tired. Those days I read and watched tutorials. I am still working on my FreeCodeCamp lessons. This is what I have learned since the last post: Converted Celsius… Read More JavaScript and YouTube