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This month has been busy. I have not coded as many hours as I wanted. I have read articles and used the SoloLearn app when I am not able to code for at least an hour.

Since my last post, I completed the BBC News clone site project. Here is the site:


I pushed the project to GitHub . My version needs a few small changes but I am happy with the outcome. My site looks better than I imagined. The header and side articles took the most time to complete. The experience working on this site made me a more comfortable with CSS and HTML.

During the past month, I stopped working on the #100DaysofCode Challenge. I missed four days in a row one week. The purpose of the challenge is to code for at least one hour daily without missing more than one day each week. Instead of starting over I continue to code as much as I can each week.

This week I began working on the JavaScript lessons of my Udemy course. So far I have completed 17 of the 37 lessons. Today I will begin working on Arrays. This is the same section I stopped at on my FreeCodeCamp course. JavaScript is not easy for me so I am taking my time with this section. When I complete this section I will return to JavaScript on FreeCodeCamp. I understand JavaScript more with this course because of the video tutorials. Lack of tutorials is the only problem I have with FreeCodeCamp. Not having a tutorial on FreeCodeCamp is why I turn to YouTube for help. FreeCodeCamp forces me to search for answers. This makes me a better programmer. I take the time to search for certain concepts, make notes and remember next time.

Besides Udemy and FreeCodeCamp, I decided to re-take the WordPress Blueprint from Skillcrush.com. I can build a WordPress site, but my goal is to learn to make custom themes. I have to make a strict schedule to carry out my goals for the next few months.



September 13 Jason McCreary is doing part 2 of his Writing Clean Code workshop. The code samples are in PHP. This is helpful for WordPress development.

I attended the Developing in JavaScript in 2017 Webinar this week. The webinar explained the basics of E6, E7, and TypeScript.

I also attended Sara Eggers webinar on how to use your iPhone to take stock photos for your website. I currently use free stock photos. I have to admit I have seen many of the photos I use online and on other websites.


These are a few of the articles I found interesting

…learn javascript arrays in depth

The Difference Between Explicit and Implicit Grids

Which Array Function When?

Angular vs. React: Which Is Better for Web Development?

A guide to writing better CSS

Declaring Variables in ES6+ JavaScript


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2 thoughts on “Back to JavaScript

  1. great job, Daphne! I’ve been interested in Skillcrush’s wordpress course for a while. I wonder what your experience has been with the course? Is it worth the $$? Thank you! Lots of love from DC!

    1. Hi! I think the courses are a little pricey. Udemy has courses that are more reasonable and just as good. When I first stating learning to code last year I used Skillcrush only. I did not realize I needed a community and multiple resources. The information is great. There is also a Google Group for questions. Students can attend office hours if there are specific questions or additional help is needed. Skillcrush is an excellent choice. My only small issue is the price.

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