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This month has been busy. I have not coded as many hours as I wanted. I have read articles and used the SoloLearn app when I am not able to code for at least an hour.

Since my last post, I completed the BBC News clone site project. Here is the site:


I pushed the project to GitHub . My version needs a few small changes but I am happy with the outcome. My site looks better than I imagined. The header and side articles took the most time to complete. The experience working on this site made me a more comfortable with CSS and HTML.

During the past month, I stopped working on the #100DaysofCode Challenge. I missed four days in a row one week. The purpose of the challenge is to code for at least one hour daily without missing more than one day each week. Instead of starting over I continue to code as much as I can each week.

This week I began working on the JavaScript lessons of my Udemy course. So far I have completed 17 of the 37 lessons. Today I will begin working on Arrays. This is the same section I stopped at on my FreeCodeCamp course. JavaScript is not easy for me so I am taking my time with this section. When I complete this section I will return to JavaScript on FreeCodeCamp. I understand JavaScript more with this course because of the video tutorials. Lack of tutorials is the only problem I have with FreeCodeCamp. Not having a tutorial on FreeCodeCamp is why I turn to YouTube for help. FreeCodeCamp forces me to search for answers. This makes me a better programmer. I take the time to search for certain concepts, make notes and remember next time.

Besides Udemy and FreeCodeCamp, I decided to re-take the WordPress Blueprint from I can build a WordPress site, but my goal is to learn to make custom themes. I have to make a strict schedule to carry out my goals for the next few months.



September 13 Jason McCreary is doing part 2 of his Writing Clean Code workshop. The code samples are in PHP. This is helpful for WordPress development.

I attended the Developing in JavaScript in 2017 Webinar this week. The webinar explained the basics of E6, E7, and TypeScript.

I also attended Sara Eggers webinar on how to use your iPhone to take stock photos for your website. I currently use free stock photos. I have to admit I have seen many of the photos I use online and on other websites.


These are a few of the articles I found interesting

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A guide to writing better CSS

Declaring Variables in ES6+ JavaScript


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