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I have not been coding for at least one hour the past few weeks. My schedule has cleared up and I am back on track. Since my last post, I have made a few steps forward with JavaScript. I realized I needed to slow down to make sure I understand each lesson.
Used Bracket Notation to Find the Nth-to-Last Character in a String
Used knowledge of strings to build a “Mad Libs” style word game
Stored multiple values in one variable using JavaScript arrays
Nested one array within another array
Accessed array data with indexes
Modified array data with indexes
Accessed multi-dimensional arrays with indexes
Manipulated arrays with push()
Manipulated arrays with pop()
Manipulated arrays with shift()
Manipulated arrays with unshift()
Made shopping list with arrays
Wrote reusable JavaScript with functions
Passed values to functions with arguments
Used global scope and functions
Used global vs. local scope in functions
Returned a value from a function with return
Called functions with arguments
I stopped here because this is where JavaScript started getting a little fuzzy. This is also the point where my schedule changed and I was not able to code for at least a full hour daily. I stepped back and watched a few tutorials when time permitted. I also received help on my portfolio and made a few changes. I am still not happy with the styling and my lack of meaningful projects. I had a chat about my feelings toward my portfolio with a more experienced developer. The main takeaway from the conversation was I have to build more to learn more. I knew this, but my argument had been I need to learn “how” to build first. I was too busy focusing on learning and not putting the lessons into projects.
I found a Udemy web development course that is working for me. It starts with the basics of HTML and CSS. The course covers JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, API’s, Mobile apps, Python and more. The difference between FreeCodeCamp and this course is I can build more projects. I will have more practice and more projects for my portfolio. I know HTML and CSS, but I have learned a few tips that I did not know. I learned jQuery, Bootstrap and started JavaScript with FreeCodeCamp and my other resources. I built this blog site using WordPress. I am familiar with PHP but I am not an expert. Learning PHP will allow me to make more customizations with WordPress. Eventually I can build my own WordPress theme. I am familiar with Python and Ruby but have not done any programming with either in a few years. I want to master front end before I step into back end languages.
I am not done with FreeCodeCamp. I will continue with the Udemy course. I will squeeze in FreeCodeCamp and my other resources also. I made an HTML document with all the tips I have learned in the first part of the Udemy course. It has examples of every concept taught in the first section of the course. I also made a simple HTML site and pushed to GitHub.
My schedule is back to normal. I will continue to code for at least an hour daily. I am loving my new course so far. Check back for updates on my progress. You can follow my daily progress on Twitter.

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