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JavaScript and YouTube

I am still on my coding journey. I missed two days during the past two weeks. The days I did not code were only because I was tired. Those days I read and watched tutorials. I am still working on my FreeCodeCamp lessons. This is what I have learned since the last post: Converted CelsiusContinue Reading “JavaScript and YouTube”


Basic JavaScript

With my portfolio done, for now, I moved on to basic JavaScript this week. I have a little experience with JavaScript. I took a course last year but did not absorb much. I checked out when jQuery was introduced. With FreeCodeCamp, jQuery comes before JavaScript. It did not make sense, but it worked for meContinue Reading “Basic JavaScript”

Web Development

Making a Website is Not Easy

This past week has been busy. I completed the jQuery lesson and moved on to the basic front end development section of The first project was to make a tribute page.   The tribute could be to anyone or anything. The page needed to have an image, text and a link to an externalContinue Reading “Making a Website is Not Easy”