What Did I Learn About jQuery This Week?

This was a busy week. I still continue working on the #100DaysofCode Challenge. I completed the jQuery lesson on freeCodeCamp.com. I completed each section with no serious errors or mistakes. Minor spelling errors continue. This week I worked on document ready function.   This week’s notes   Removed an element using the .remove() function    Continue Reading “What Did I Learn About jQuery This Week?”


Review, Take Notes and Stay Organized

I have worked on a jQuery Playground app. So far my app consists of six buttons. I wrote my first full jQuery statement. I targeted HTML elements with selectors using jQuery. jQuery statements begin with a dollar sign “$”. The dollar sign is referred as the dollar sign operator or bling.   My assignment was toContinue Reading “Review, Take Notes and Stay Organized”


My jQuery Spelling Lesson

The past few days of my 100 Days of Coding challenge have been productive. I completed the Responsive Design with Bootstrap section and began working on jQuery. This week’s #100DaysofCoding Challenge: Labeled Bootstrap wells with an ID Gave each element a unique ID Labeled Bootstrap buttons Gave each button element text that corresponded to itsContinue Reading “My jQuery Spelling Lesson”


Code Addiction

    For the past few days, I have continued learning responsive design with Bootstrap. I am still loving Freecodecamp.com. Coding has become addictive. I stopped coding for months after completing the web development boot camp last year. I was lost and frustrated. My attitude towards coding has changed completely. My original goal of codingContinue Reading “Code Addiction”

Coding Web Development

My Coding Essentials

  Before I begin working on any coding project I have to prepare to work hard and be comfortable while doing so. I have read all of the articles about not working in the bedroom because the room is for sleep only. I don’t care. I love my bedroom. The temperature is set at 72Continue Reading “My Coding Essentials”